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Defqon.1 2022

Jun 23, 2022
This event is past


Defqon.1 2022 Tickets and Travel & Stay Packages are now available!

Please note: Defqon.1 2020 Weekend and Saturday tickets were sold out! Due to cancellation and refunds a very limited amount of weekend tickets will be available for the Defqon.1 2022 ticket sale. Check out the status below (will be updated in this post regularly):

Current status Tickets:

✅ Friday
✅ Friday Premium
✅ Sunday
✅ Sunday Premium
❌ Saturday
❌ Saturday Premium
❌ Weekend Premium
❌ Weekend\

Current status Travel & Stay packages:

✅ Weekend
✅ Weekend Premium
✅ Friday
✅ Friday Premium
✅ Sunday
✅ Sunday Premium
❌ Saturday
❌ Saturday Premium

Available packages (limited amounts left):

✅ Pick-up Defqon.1 tent
✅ Bell tent
✅ Chalet
✅ Chalet with bunk beds
✅ Accommodations at Europarcs Resort Zuiderzee
✅ Accommodations at Droomparken Bad Hoophuizen
✅ Hotels

Almost sold out Packages:

⌛ Friends Camp
⌛ Friends Tent
⌛ Lodge
⌛ Safari Tent
⌛ Accommodations at Molecaten Park Flevostrand
⌛ Tipi pro
⌛ Yurt

Sold out packages:

❌ Deluxe Cabin
❌ Deluxe Cabin with bunk beds
❌ Accommodations at Landal Waterparc Veluwemeer
❌Several hotel options ❌ Festipi
❌ Tipi Basic
❌ Deluxe Suite