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Tomorrowland 2023

Jul 21, 2023

Official Tomorrowland Partners

Thanks again for choosing Festigo Travel for your Tomorrowland 2023 Package! We are the official travel partners of Tomorrowland for Australia and New Zealand.

Booking Process

  1. You’ll get an invoice and receipt of payment from us 
  2. We put your details and ticket selection on our Tomorrowland spreadsheet which we submit to Tomorrowland for confirmation 
  3. Tomorrowland WILL NOT be sending confirmation PDFs this year (they went back on their promise) so we will be 100% responsible in getting your bracelet and chests to you. 
  4. Festigo Travel (myself personally) will be going to Tomorrowland HQ in Belgium and picking up bracelets and Chests for all of our customers on Tuesday the 18th of July. 
  5. We then meet you in person on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday prior to Tomorrowland (each weekend) and give you the bracelets and Chests in person! 
  6. You can then personalise your wristbands and load up pearls etc. 

We will setup a WhatsApp group for all our customers for each weekend so we can all coordinate meet ups, advice and suggestions at Tomorrowland =) 

Let us know if you need further information! ([email protected])

Weekend 1

Start Date: 20th July 2023 (dreamville/magnificent greens) 

Start Date: 21st July 2023 (general access)

Finish Date: 23rd July 2023

Weekend 2

Weekend 2 tickets are sold out.

What We Are Selling


A Full Madness Pass gives you access to Tomorrowland on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


These well-known formulas grant you access to the magnificent greens campsite where you can pick your own spot to pitch your tent. Bring your own camping gear or order a diy tent package on top to enjoy your stay at dreamville.

You will be welcomed in the magnificent greens area, which offers separate sanitary facilities only for magnificent greens visitors. The magnificent greens team and crew are at your service 24h/24h.

This package includes:

  • Pick your own spot to pitch your tent.
  • Bring your own camping gear or order a tent package in the Add-On Sale, pick up your equipment on arrival and find your own spot at the Magnificent Greens
  • One DreamVille Pass
  • One Tomorrowland Full Madness Pass
  • Access to the Magnificent Greens Area
  • Access to the Gathering and Marketplace
  • Access to the Chill-Out and the Balance & Recovery Area

Terms and Conditions

Please note that all prices have been modified and calculated into AUD for the Australian Market.

All packages are FINAL and NON REFUNDABLE. They cannot be modified from the price list below.

Festigo Travel Recommends that you and your party get Travel Insurance to cover any potential loss due to sickness or injury. (Ask us for a quote – we cover up to $10000 per person COVID cancellation costs)